New Year, New Site & Massive New Mountain Objective

Leading Friends Up Gap Peak (Click For Trip Report)

Leading Friends Up Gap Peak Jan 9, 2016 (Click For Trip Report)

2015 was another solid year in the mountains but a lack of focus yielded a summit list and speed records a lot less spectacular than what could have been.


I stopped running mountains and started running trails.

In May of 2015 I scrapped all of my mountain plans and began an obsessive trail running regimen. I covered around 900kms in two months to get ready to run half of the Iron Legs course with my ridiculously fast friend Mevlut Kont. I wanted us to win.

My haphazard training program of running as far and fast as possible every day actually worked and I set PR after PR until the end of July when I finally found the limits of what my was then able to do. Combining speed and endurance training in daily back to back consecutive runs, I over-trained and ended up having to take about 4 weeks off to recover to the point where I could comfortably run trails again. I salvaged the season with low intensity hike ‘n jogs and still managed to turn in a reasonable 133 ascents and 190,000m of elevation gain for 2015. I was and am capable of so much more.

The silver lining is that the adaptations and new level of fitness I built last summer now enable me to rip up mountain approaches like never before.

This year I am laser focused on what I’m best at, what I was born to do: crush peaks new and old. My passion for running mountains is stronger than ever. I am completely refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to take on my most ambitious mountain mission to date:

365 ascents
365,000m of elevation gain

Whichever comes first.

These are massive numbers that will require dedication, desire and focus. I will be smashing through limits, both personal and perceived, and that’s really the whole point of being alive. I look forward to all of the pain, joy, trials and adventure along the way. Most importantly I look forward to new memories of the mountains.

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