2015 Mountain Stats

Jamie Junker On Big Sister

Endurance achievements of local mountain athletes are a continual source of inspiration. Running and scrambling with maniacs from right here in Calgary makes what used to seem impossible easy.

Here are my 2015 mountain stats:

Distance traveled: 3,517.8 km
Elevation gained: 190,225 m

Total mountain summits reached: 133 *includes ‘repeats’
New unique mountain summits reached:

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2015 Summit List:

New unique:
Junction Hill
Mount Ishbel (x2)
Mount Carnarvon
Bluerock Mountain
Mount Jimmy Simpson
Mount Lawson
Mount Temple
Mount Lineham
Mount Hawkins
Mount Blackiston
Mount Pocaterra
Mount Murray
Mount Cegnfs
Mount Inglismaldie
Blackrock Mountain
Bow Peak
Mount Glasgow
Banded Peak
Outlaw Peak
Mount Cornwall
Mount Remus
Mount Romulus
Forgetmenot Ridge
Tiara Peak
Sarrail Ridge
Smutwood Peak
Ribbon Peak
Bogart Tower
Bertha Peak
Vimy Peak
Mount Alderson
Mount Rowe
Victoria Peak
Forum Peak
Northover Ridge

Non-unique repeats:
East Peak Of Wendell Mountain
Big Sister
Opal Ridge South Summit ( x2)
Heart Mountain (x2)
Ha Ling Peak (x3)
Miner’s Peak (x3)
Wasootch Peak (x3)
Mount Yamnuska (x3)
Mount Baldy South Peak (x3)
Mount Baldy West Peak (x5)
Mount Baldy North Peak (x11)
Prairie Mountain (x33)
Mount Arethusa
Mount McGillivray
Mount Lawrence Grassi
Gap Peak
Kananaskis Peak
Grant MacEwan Peak
Sulphur Mountain True Summit
Porcupine Ridge
Sanson Peak
Belmore Browne Peak
Sunset Mountain
Sunrise Peak
Midnight Peak
Midday Peak
Mount Tyrwhitt
The Wedge
Mount Indefatigable
Mount Allan
Moose Mountain
Mount Campbell
Mount Nkwala
Mount Yates
Saddleback Mountain
Mount Fairview
Mary Barclay’s Mountain

Here were my best 3 months of the summer:

September Elevation Bonanza:

Logging 26,100 meters in 30 days landed me 13th out of 26,450 athletes worldwide for the month. Week three was my ‘best’ with 9,000 meters of ascent in 5 days.

Objectives reached:
Ribbon Peak
Bogart Tower
Memorial Lakes
Mount Arethusa
The Wedge
Sulphur Mountain (true summit)
Miner’s Peak (x2)
Ha Ling (x2)
Mount Lawrence Grassi
Mount McGillivray
Bertha Peak
Vimy Peak
Mount Alderson
Mount Rowe
Victoria Peak
Bears Hump
Forum Peak
Carthew & Alderson (lakes)
Baldy West
Big Sister
Mount Yamnuska
Mount Fairview & Saddleback


June & July Distance:

Obsessed with distance training in order to ready myself for the Iron Legs race I logged 883km over the course of these two months (61 days), 439km in June & 444km in July. 20km+ scrambling approaches are now a minor consideration, on foot.


This is possible for anyone. I began hiking and scrambling with no base fitness level in 2012. My first trail run was in the fall of 2014. It’s taken a few years of dedicated training to get to this level, but anyone can do it. The number of runners from Calgary capable of much longer distances and even more outrageous elevation stats are far to numerous to even attempt to list. Whether you join a group or go alone, getting out as often as possible is what matters.

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