2016 Summit List

Total Elevation For 2016: 200,998m

Here is my bulk 2016 summit list (including repeats of easy little peaks), elevation stats & some pics:
(For 2016 Unique Peak summit list click here)

Total Elevation for December: 9,862m
(mostly just trail running to get in shape for 2017 peak bagging season)

182December 18 Miner’s Peak
181December 18 Ha Ling Peak
180December 16 Miner’s Peak
179December 16 Ha Ling Peak
178December 8 Miner’s Peak
177December 8 Ha Ling Peak
176December 7 Sanson Peak
175December 3 Grassi Knob

Total Elevation for November: 12,972m
(mostly just trail running to get in shape for 2017 peak bagging season)

174November 19 Exshaw Mountain/Ridge
173November 11 Mount Campbell

Total Elevation For October: 11,868m

172October 22 Mount Ozzard
171October 20 Mount Arrowsmith
170October 9 Pigeon Mountain
169October 8 Emma’s Peak
168October 6 Panorama Ridge
167October 5 Copper Mountain
166October 4 Mount Whymper

Total Elevation For September: 22,281m

165September 29 Sunwapta Peak
164September 28 Mount Weed
163September 27 Mount Andromache
162September 25 Mount Kidd
161September 24 Waputik Peak
160September 23 Grassi Knob
159September 21 Mount Field
158September 19 Wind Mountain
157September 15 Wastach Peak
156September 14 The Monarch
155September 13 Mount Ogden
154September 10 Noseeum Mountain
153September 9 Mount Hood
152September 7 Loder Peak
151September 7 Doorjam Mountain
150September 7 Goat Mountain (North to South traverse)
149September 1 Mount Northover (via South Ridge)

Northover Ridge looking spectacular from the summit of Mount Northover (taken Sept 1, 2016)

A photo posted by Jamie Junker (@peakfever) on

Total Elevation For August: 21,861m

148August 30 Isolated Peak
August 30 Whalesback Mountain
August 28 Mount Smuts
000 – August 27 Mount Smuts (attempt)
145August 25 Mount Burgess
144August 25 Walcott Peak
143August 24 Mount Noyes
142August 20 Mount Stephen
000 – August 19 Helmet Falls from Paint Pots BVGT 132 support
141August 16 Mount Galatea
140August 15 Pilot Mountain
139August 11 Mount Vaux
000 – August 9 SE Ridge of Lady Mac Scramble (attempt)
138August 7 Mount Yukness
137August 7 Wiwaxy Peaks
136August 4 Mount Warspite
135August 2 Mount Smuts
134August 2 Mount Smuts

Total Elevation For July: 18,122m

133July 28 Miner’s Peak
132July 28 Ha Ling
131July 27 Wapta Mountain
130July 26 Mount Burstall
129July 25 Mount Bosworth
128July 23 Mount Lougheed Peak 3
127July 23 Mount Lougheed Peak 2
126July 23 Mount Lougheed Peak 1
125July 21 Devils Thumb & Beehive
124July 21 Mount St. Piran
123July 21 Mount Whyte
122July 21 Mount Niblock
121July 20 Mount Chester
120July 8 Mount Campbell
119July 5 Mount Bourgeau
118July 4 The Orphans (little & middle)
117July 3 Commonwealth Peak
116July 2 Dolomite Peak(s)

Total Elevation For June: 25,744m

115June 29 Ostracized Peak
114June 29Sentry Mountain
113June 28Chinook Peak
112June 27Massive Mountain
111June 24Mount Aylmer
110June 23Tent Ridge
109June 22Pyriform Mountain
108June 22Junction Mountain
107June 20Akamina Ridge
106June 19Carthew Summit
105June 19Mount Carthew
104June 19Buchanan Ridge
103June 19Buchanan Peak
102June 18Mount Livingston
101June 18Saddle Mountain
100June 18Windy Peak
99June 17Holy Cross Mountain
98June 15Old Baldy Ridge
97June 15Old Baldy Mountain
96June 15Mount McDougall
95June 15Volcano Peak
94June 13Old Baldy Ridge
93June 9The Wedge
00 – June 8Old Goat Glacier training run
92June 7Mount Fullerton (SE Ridge)
91June 5Mount Buller
90June 4Mount Edith Peak 3 (as per Spriko standardized summit tally)
89June 4Mount Edith Peaks 1 & 2
88June 3Main peak of Mount Baldy + South Peak
87June 3West Peak of Mount Baldy via West Ridge
86June 1Cockscomb Mountain

Traversing from Mount McDougall to Old Baldy Mountain (taken June 15, 2016)

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Total Elevation For May: 18,181m

85May 30South Lawson Peak
84May 27Eiffel Peak
83May 26Mount Cory
00 – May 23Run from Canmore to Banff
82May 22Grant Macewan Peak
81May 22Heart Mountain
80May 21Princess Margaret Mountain
79May 20Mount Norquay
78May 18Mount Fable
77May 18Gable Ridge
76May 18Gap Peak
75May 16Tower of Babel
74May 11Middle Sister
73May 10Miner’s Peak
72May 10Ha Ling
71May 8Cougar Peak
70May 7Limestone Mountain
69May 6Mount Fable
68May 4Squaws Tit
67 May 3Miner’s Peak
66 May 3Ha Ling

Tower Of Babel summit (taken May 16, 2016)

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Total Elevation For April: 9,325m

65 April 28Wasootch Ridge
64 April 24King Creek Ridge
April 22Ships Prow Mountain
62April 13Buffalo Point
61April 12Mount Lorette
00 – April 10Stoney Squaw Mountain
60April 10Little Lougheed
59April 9Epic Tower
58April 9Mount Townsend

The summit of Wasootch Ridge (Taken April 28, 2016) 65th summit of 2016…goin for 300 more🍾🇨🇦🏔

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Total Elevation For March: 22,637m

57Mar 31Mount Baldy
56Mar 29Mount Lady MacDonald
55Mar 28Mount Yamnuska
54Mar 28Mount Baldy
53Mar 27Morrowmount
52Mar 26Grotto Mountain Traverse
00 – Mar 25Unnamed GR Summit (Yaha Tinda)
51Mar 25Rum Ridge Summit
50Mar 25Evangeline Peak
49Mar 22Loder Peak
48Mar 22Doorjam Mountain
Mar 22Engagement Mountain
46Mar 20Heart Mountain
45Mar 19Orient Point
44Mar 15Prairie Mountain
43Mar 15Swany’s Ridge
42Mar 15Iyarhe Ipan
41Mar 14Wasootch Peak
40 Mar 11 – Loder Peak – new ascent speed record*
39 Mar 11 – Doorjam Mountain – new ascent speed record*
38Mar 10Mount Yamnuska
37Mar 9West Peak of Mount Baldy via West Ridge (+South Peak)
36Mar 8Mount Baldy
35Mar 6Wendell Mountain East Peak
34Mar 5GR338442
33Mar 3Opal Ridge South Peak
32Mar 2Mount Baldy – new car to car speed record*

Evenings in the Rockies are now ridiculous. Hello spring! (Mount Baldy – March 31, 2016)

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Total Elevation For February: 12,925m

31Feb 26End Mountain
30Feb 26Association Peak
29Feb 24Mount Baldy
28Feb 23Grant MacEwan Peak
27Feb 23Heart Mountain
26Feb 21Exshaw Mountain
25Feb 21Gap Peak
24Feb 20Wasootch Peak
23Feb 18Swany’s Ridge
22Feb 18Iyarhe Ipan
21Feb 17Prairie Mountain
20Feb 16Mount Baldy
         Feb 6Iyarhe Ipan (attempt)
19Feb 3Loder Peak
18Feb 3Doorjam Mountain
17Feb 1Mount Yamnuska

Total Elevation For January: 14,382m

16Jan 28Mount Baldy
15Jan 27Prairie Mountain
14Jan 27Prairie Mountain
13Jan 24Prairie Mountain
12Jan 24Prairie Mountain
11Jan 23Midday Peak
10 Jan 23Midnight Peak
9 Jan 23Wasootch Peak
8Jan 19Prairie Mountain – new x2 speed record
7 Jan 19Prairie Mountain
6Jan 14Mount Baldy
5Jan 12Prairie Mountain
4Jan 12Prairie Mountain
3Jan 9Gap Peak
2Jan 5Prairie Mountain
1Jan 5 Prairie Mountain