About Jamie Junker

Thank you for checking out this site; it exists for beta sharing and also as a digital diary of mountain adventures.

The ‘achievements’ below serve as a personal reminder. As far as I’ve come in the last 5 years, I’m still working as hard as ever to get where I want to be: on top of the highest mountains via their most exciting routes. Thank you for sharing in this mountain journey!

Recent achievements:

Free Solo’s:

The Fold October 10, 2017 
Mount LouisSeptember 29, 2017 
Joy (Mount Indefatigable)September 19, 2017
Mount Lorette via SE ridgeSeptember 7, 2017
Mount Sir DonaldSeptember 5, 2017 
Ha Ling via NE FaceAugust 24, 2017 
Lady Mac via ESE Ridge – August 13, 2017
Mother’s Day Buttress via 5.7 variation 2 *Circuit FKT 1hr 25mins



Mountain Summits Reached Alltime:
537  (*current as of Jan 10, 2017)


Mountain Elevation Logged by GPS since 2014:
(*current as of Jan 10, 2017)


Distance Logged by GPS since 2014: 7878.2 km
(*current as of Jan 10, 2017)

2016 Stats:
Total Summits reached 2016: 182
Unique Summits reached 2016: 123
Elevation Gain GPS Logged 2016: 200,998m
Trail Distance GPS Logged 2016: 2,649.1km

Climbers Scramble Fasest Times:
Goat Mountain Solo Traverse: 5 hours 45 mins – solo
Mount Northover via the South Ridge: 8 hours 4 mins – solo
Mount Vaux: 7 Hours 56 mins -solo
One Lap of Mount Smuts: 4 hours 55 mins – solo
Two laps of Mount Smuts: 8 hours 9 mins -solo
Mount Baldy via West Ridge: 1 hour 41 mins -solo
The Lougheed Traverse: 9 hours -with Ruchel Stevens

Current record holder of the fastest GPS FKT’s times (via Strava) on the following mountains (round trip):
Prairie Mountain Winter Double: 1 hour 58 mins
Prairie Mountain: 53 mins
Mount Baldy North Circuit: 1 hour 31 mins
Mount Baldy West Circuit: 1 hour 57 mins
Mount Baldy Car to Car: 1 hour 17 min
Wasootch Peak: 1 hour 40 mins
Mount Galwey (ascent): 1 hour 9 mins

Notable Speed Trips:
Mount Yamnuska: 1 hour 22 mins
Heart Mountain Loop: 2 hours 6 mins
Glasgow to Banded:
8 hours 7 mins
Mount Ishbel: 6 hours 3 mins
Mount Smuts: 5 hours
Ha Ling to Grassi:
4 hours 44mins
Mount Crandell: 3 hours 38 mins -via Bears Hump
Mount Galwey: 2 hours 20 mins
Twin Towers from Heart: 4 hours 35 mins
Mount Ernest Ross: 3 hours 33mins
Observation Peak: 3 hours

2015 Stats:
Summits reached 2015: 133
Elevation Gain Logged 2015: 190,225m
Trail Distance Logged 2015: 3,517.8km

2014 Stats:
Summits reached 2014: 134
Elevation Gain Logged 2014: 147,690m
Trail Distance Logged 2014: 2,806.2km

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With Friends On The Summit Of Mount Assiniboine

Down-climbing Mount Sir Donald. Photo by: Ryan James Macpherson

Scrambling Mothers Day Buttress. Photo by: Ryan James Macpherson

Climbing Kahl Wall on Mount Yamnuska. Photo by: Rory O’Donnell