CanPrev Natural Health Products




My Three Favorite CanPrev Supplements:


I keep my electrolytes in check on long distance runs and during high intensity speed work sessions with ElectroMag. Using ElectroMag has improved my exercising energy levels, endurance and recovery times because my body stays in balance. I add ElectroMag to my water and drink it on the go.


Replenishing With ElectroMag At The Bottom Of Prairie Mountain

CORE Daily Performance Shake

I have noticed a big difference in the way I feel after my morning shake since switching from other powders to Core Daily. Core Daily is plant based so it feels light in the stomach and digests quickly and easily. Core Daily is perfect high quality fuel for before or after a run.


Adult Multi

My body functions at 100% because it gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs. I make sure my bases are covered by taking the most natural sources available: Adult Multi.


I would like to thank CanPrev for helping me to feel my absolute healthiest. CanPrev supplements allow me to constantly improve my level of fitness and increase my physical preformance.