CTR Peak Performance 200,000m Achievement

THANK YOU to the Calgary Trail Runners for this awesome keepsake!

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Many members of the CTR helped me develop strong endurance, I owe you all a heartfelt thanks:

Thank you CTR trail veteran Bert Starke. In 2013 when we met on Moose Mountain I didn’t know a damn soul from the trail running world or that it even existed. When you invited me out for that triple Prairie I thought you were nuts and watching you run down that slope three times in winter fairly boggled my mind. You were the reason I bought my first pair of trail running shoes, you were there the first time I ran Prairie Mountain, you and I ran my first ultra distance together and you were the reason I started trail running at all, thanks a million buddy!!

Thank you Lori Stirrett Downey for helping me break out of my mountain solo shell and making me feel welcome with the CTR. Thank you for organizing that fateful group trip on Prairie Mountain so I could meet local endurance legend Joanna Ford.

Thank you Joanna Ford for helping me smash down all the mental walls between me and what I used to think was possible. Thank you for sharing your magic mindset with me, thanks to you I will always strive to push my ‘limits’ as far as I can (with a smile on my face). And, of course, thank you for all the mountain adventures!!

Thank you Leo Fung and Brayden Hiltz (and Joanna Ford) for inspiring the shit out of me with your wild Strava activities and for taking me out for those fledgling runs, seeing you all in action having fun running around in the mountains was incredible. You helped me believe the impossible into reality.

Thank you to all of my other friends at CTR who are too numerous to name. I wish you all the happiness and success you deserve both on and off the trails. Thank you all for all of the encouragement, moral support and for helping me achieve all that I have. Without my friends at the CTR 200,000m in one year may very well have remained some far off dream.

For anyone interested, here were the 2016 summit stats that resulted in the 200,000m:

Total Summits reached 2016: 182
Unique Summits reached 2016: 123
Total Elevation Gain GPS Logged 2016:
Trail Distance GPS Logged 2016:



  1. Bert Starke

    Thanks, Jamie. It was so much my pleasure introducing you to trails. Glad I ran into you that day you were hiking Moose Mtn Rd and that you gave me a lift back to my car at Station Flats. Prairie plans were made that day, I think. And it was my birthday you dared to endure 52 (?) or so k. Looking forward to another trail session together. I only ask you take it easy on me. You have excelled and easily have become my superior. Well done.

    • Jamie

      Looking forward to running out some longer adventures this summer with you man! We should check out Assiniboine from Shark or Ball Pass, both look amazing.

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