Goat Mountain Traverse

Click here for Shane Ison’s Goat Traverse FKT of 3 hrs 5 mins

Trip Date: September 8, 2016
Trip time: 5 hours 45 mins
Distance: 12.2 kms
Elevation Gain: 1,448m
Route: Bill Kerr*
Difficulty: Climbers scramble sections are peppered throughout the traverse.

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Trip Report:

*Using Bill Kerr’s detailed trip report (click here) really helped in achieving a sub 6 hour solo trip time on this traverse! The only discrepancy I found was that there are no bolts or rap rings to be found anywhere up there.

Completing the Goat Mountain traverse from North to South is the way to go if you want to up-climb the most difficult sections. I skipped Yamnuska thinking it would be faster to ascend the South East slopes but in hind sight it probably is faster to go up and over Yam on the super beaten trail.

Getting onto the ridge from the Yam/Goat col is fairly straight forward and required less route finding than expected. The scrambling from the col onto the ridge proper is only difficult if you choose your route wisely. Once on the ridge top there are a few very exposed and difficult sections but any scrambler with experience will find the route a straightforward and standard  affair, nothing that hasn’t already been encountered on other difficult trips, at least up to the summit blocks.

Right before each peak (there were 4-5) there are short sections requiring 1-2 climbing moves a slight grade above what could be considered difficult scrambling. For those with climbers scramble experience rope is not necessary until the very last peak where the ridge terminates in a 20m drop off onto a ledge below. There is a way to bypass this section going in either direction and the best description of that route is found here. I lugged all the gear with me ‘just incase’ so I used it to save time and rappelled off of a sling around a massive boulder on the top. After the rappel there is a short difficult down-climb section to a trail that leads all the way to the base of Doorjam Mountain.