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I’ve been around essential oils for about 15 years; but it wasn’t until I began training for endurance mountain climbing and ultra marathon running in 2015 that I really began using them regularly. The significant difference essential oils made in my overall health, well being, workouts and recovery was remarkable. Every aspect of my training experience was enhanced by using essential oils and they became an invaluable part of my overall program.

As my body became healthier and fitter I became more in tune with it. This heightened awareness allowed me to more easily notice how using certain essential oils brought it back into balance, particularly after long or intense training sessions.

When my quads and calves were completely stripped of energy and sore to the touch Peppermint essential oil calmed them down and made them feel more like legs again and less like logs.

When tendons and joints were tender Wintergreen essential oil soothed the aches and allowed me to get back on the trails sooner for the next training session.

I used Lemon essential oil on my feet when the nerves started sending me messages that I needed thicker shoes for running over sharp limestone. I tried everything from the fanciest essential oils to pharmaceutical injections (out of desperation) but Lemon essential oil was the only thing that took away the stinging sensation, it was quite surprising.

Lemon Essential Oil FTW

Blue Spruce & Balsam Fir are something I now take 3-4 times per day every single day to keep my energy, stamina and mood at the highest possible levels. The article I found online that led me to try this magic combination can be found by clicking here. I’ve been taking this combo for exactly one year and what a difference in energy levels it makes.

Admittedly there have been times when I feel a little tired or grumpy while doing massive back to back days in the mountains. It’s crucial to only train in a positive mindset and on the days when I need a little boost to get going Orange oil perks me right up.

My former bogus belief that essential oils only work if applied topically or taken orally was demolished when my girlfriend Ruchel began an all out essential oil diffusing bender. Now when we don’t feel like popping right out of bed first thing in the morning we diffuse (separately and custom blends of) Peppermint, Spruce, Orange, Bergamot, Lemon and Joy. When we have a hard time falling asleep early we diffuse Lavender, Eucalyptus, Pine, Cinnamon and Ginger and the smell mellows us right out.

When I finally made the connection between my overall health and my athletic performance this January it was a real game changer. Until now I’ve been heavily focused on breaking down the body so that it becomes stronger, but to reach new heights in athletic performance I know we need to focus on having it be 100% in the first place, before we even set foot on a trail.

The more research I did on natural supplements and products the more apparent it became that a massive part of being really health isn’t necessarily the things that we need to do (ie taking supplements) but actually in things we need to stop doing like using cheap big brand products that are loaded with toxins and chemicals that our bodies need to process and filter out which leave us at a less than optimal state. Just ordinary Sunlight dish soap or regular off the shelf toothpaste contains chemicals and compounds that can kill us in high enough concentrations, and these things are making it right into our mouths and it stands to reason that using something natural and plant based would obviously be a better choice if your goal is to create the healthiest and best feeling body possible. Once you realize just how many things you are using that are not optimal for your health and athletic recovery (shampoo, conditioner, cleaners, air fresheners, laundry soaps, etc) and change them, you will feel a big difference just as I did, but it takes a strong commitment to being as healthy as you possibly can.

“Few things are of greater value than the achievement of a healthy, good-feeling body.”

I choose Young Living Essential Oils because they care immensely about the quality of their product and they are crazy intense about the whole process from growing their own crops to distilling their own oils.

The other reason I love Young Living is you can get paid to share the message of good health and make a positive difference in the lives of your friends. Sharing natural products that make you and your friends healthier and feel their best is the perfect way to make a living, and it also allows you the open schedule that is so crucial to training effectively.

Whether you’re interested in finding an unconventional way to fund your own mountain expeditions or perhaps the freedom to pursue other activities Young Living may offer you the perfect opportunity to have an income and open the doors to the freedom to follow your heart’s desire. As with anything, a strong team makes for a much more successful journey and I’d love to work with you one on one and together we can realize our dreams of becoming super fit and totally free in 2017!

Let’s do this. Together we will reach new heights!

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Achieving great fitness and freedom in 2017 is as easy as making the choice and committing fully to the journey. Look forward to hearing from you!