Mount Baldy West via West Ridge

Trip Date: September 23, 2015
Trip Time:
1 hour 41 mins
Elevation Gain: 800m
Route: Nugara
Difficulty: Climber’s Scramble

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Trip Report:

Following Nugara’s description from ‘More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies’ this route is very straightforward. You can start at O’shannessey falls or the next drainage as Nugara recommends; both trails converge at around 125m. The trail is well worn from start to finish and the rock routes are obvious. Multiple descent options on well established trails exist but only Nugara’s will bring you back to your exact starting point.

The West Ridge of Mount Baldy is rated a climbers scramble due to a few short exhilarating sections, however,  most find it easy compared to other climber’s scrambles in Kananaskis.



Approaching The West Ridge Of Mount Baldy



Mount Baldy West Ridge Crux


Mount Baldy West Ridge Crux Taken From Top


Mount Baldy West Peak Summit Looking Towards North Peak Summit