Mount Fox

Most recent trip: August 3, 2014 (with Spencer Raymond Madden)
Trip time: 6 hours
Distance: 5.8kms (from Frozen Lake)
Elevation Gain: 1,111m
Route: Kane
Difficulty: Difficult with a few tricky moves and plenty of exposure

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Trip Report:

Mount Fox is comparable to the hardest section of a moderate scramble – but sustained for 500 continuous vertical meters. It isn’t the angles, the exposure or the level of climbing technicality that make Fox difficult, it’s the unstable terrain and route length. It’s fairly simple to negotiate the weak and fractured crumble on the way up but coming down requires TLC. You don’t simply scooch or half heartedly climb your way down Fox, you carefully lower yourself from hold to hold with finesse. Even at a snail’s pace I unintentionally and unavoidably showered my climbing partner Spencer with rocks splashed out from shoddy holds over and over. He couldn’t help but return the favor.

All talk of poopy holds aside scrambling Mount Fox is a thoroughly unique and enjoyable endeavor. The higher you climb the more you begin to appreciate the wild views of resplendent lakes in every direction. Start early, take your time and make sacrifice to the Mountain Weather God’s and you’ll be fine.


Jamie Breaking Over A Wall On Mount Fox



Spencer Climbing Up Mount Fox



Spencer Coming Through the Mount Fox Pinnacles



Kanes original summit register on Mount Fox Summit (circa 1995)



Kananaskis Interlakes from Mount Fox Summit



Mount Fox Summit View NE