Mount Remus

Most recent trip: June 18, 2015 with Devin Featherstone & Stevie
Trip time: 4 hours
Distance: 22kms
Elevation Gain: 1,300m
Route: Kane description & Spirko GPS
Difficulty: Difficult (mostly easy/moderate with one short difficult climb at summit block)

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Trip Report:

The award for longest, steepest scree slope in Kananaskis goes to Mount Remus (nearly 800m of sliding vert). Getting to the summit block requires some serious energy but the views make it all worthwhile. This trip is very straightforward if you follow the scree paths to the chimney where a few climbing moves are required to make the summit. The exposure at the top of this 10m climb is considerable enough to inspire great care in contact placement but the holds are all clean and there are plenty of solid jugs to grab.

If you’re not into climbing Bob Spirko managed to route find his way up the north aspect of the summit block to bypass the chimney. We checked this way out but it felt really intense, it was loose scree on down-sloping slab with gnarly exposure to a never ending series of cliff-like ledges. Climbing the chimney has to be safer; one slip on those ledges and you’re a human Plinko chip with no hope of a self arrest on that stuff.

Descending Mount Remus is nearly as fast as Yam thanks to the sick scree run. 2 more river crossings and you’re home free.


Remus Trip .gpx In Google Earth

All pictures courtesy of Devin Featherstone:


Short Jog To The Summit Block After Gaining The Ridge


Getting Closer To Remus Summit Block


Remus Tagged


Devin & Stevie Mountain Shout Out To Cystic Fibrosis Canada From Atop Mt Remus


The Run Home Begins


Devin Charging Through Boulders On Descent