The Fist

Trip Date: August 4, 2014 (w/Spencer Raymond Madden)
Trip Time: 4 hours 44mins
Distance: 7.7 kms
Elevation Gain: 800m
Route: Kane
Difficulty: Short difficult sections with exposure

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Trip Report:

Summiting the iconic Kananaskis Fist is a worthwhile trip. This difficult scramble is a little deceiving, on final approach one wonders just how the hell it’s possible to keep going but the closer you get the easier it starts to look. There are two possible routes at the base: to the left or right of the rock fin. Looking at old pictures from Bob Spirko’s site (circa 2004) it appears the gully on the left side of the fin was perfectly passable – not exactly how it is now a decade later. The gully is at present choked with 2 boulders lodged smack in the center. Both seem quite stuckfast and climbing over them is possible (I passed the first one) but before I made the tricky move over the second it seemed more logical to try the other route (someone else can sequel 127 hours ;). Ascending the right side of the fin is a snap. Caution is still a good idea since there is ball bearing scree on slab but the exposure isn’t deadly and there would be lots of time to use your fleshbrakes (arse).


A Formidable Looking Fist Looms Ahead


Fist Summit View


Fist Summit View


Mount Smuts From Fist Summit


Looking Back To Fist Summit